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Mindset and the way you think is a determining factor to the success you will achieve in life.
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From: Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

Burbank, CA

Dear Wealth Seekers and Freedom Lifestylers,

Let me tell you about a journey that took me to Internet Marketing stardom, bestselling author in 58 days, winner of the 2007 new internet marketing success of the year, to speaking on the world's largest stage and vacationing around the world with the most powerful internet marketers on the planet, starting from scratch in under 8 months... and how you can make it happen too!

But before I do, let me ask you... "Do you ever get frustrated that there are millions of dollars being made every day while Internet Marketers sleep, and you haven't figured out yet how that is done?"

I know I did.

Are your credit cards maxed, you're living paycheck to paycheck, and no matter how hard you work, the lifestyle you imagine seems to constantly be out of your reach?

That's how I was.

Do you ever wonder if you'll ever have enough money to retire? Feel secure?

Are you worried you'll never get out of debt, and can't believe that you keep spending money to make your dreams happen, and nothing works for you like it seems to for everyone else?

"Would you like to wake up to a healthy bank account one day?"

I know I prayed for that magical day.

Are you working far too hard and not making enough money,  trying desperately to break away from that lifestyle and sick and tired that what you're doing isn't working yet?

You want to be able to take off whenever you want, not watch what you spend, and no longer feel trapped.

Because no matter how hard you work, how many hours you put in, there is NEVER anything left to create a nest egg, help the kids with college, take that extra vacation, retire, put an addition on to the house, it is always a struggle to get what you want.  It is a treadmill you desperately want to get off of.

You hopelessly wait for the promise of freedom. The ability to create something once and have it continue to automatically pull in traffic, prospects, and money into your bank account - preferably while you sleep.

You want to be able to buy what you want, when you want, and not care because the money will be coming in so fast that your credit and debt worries are a thing of the past.

You see - after being an entrepreneur for over 23 years, I was on a mission to unchain myself from the business I had built and finally achieve the lifestyle that I had always dreamed about.

And what I found out can help you with just that.

Let Me Tell You How I Discovered This

When I started on my quest for freedom, I was a successful entrepreneur for over 22 years.  I was comfortable, but had sacrificed the ability to relax, take a break, step away, or enjoy what I had accumulated - for if I did - the money stopped immediately - but the bills didn't.  

The more I wanted to take a break, (I had been working solid since I was 19 and graduated from College, in my own businesses) the more the business started to depend on me. When I got pregnant and moved home to work and raise the kids from there, that was fine, because I still worked as hard. Then my next child came a year later, and the next a year after that. I had three kids under me, while I worked, and that was fine because as long as I worked hard, the business still thrived.

Then one fateful day, as the sun streamed through the windows of my 16 acre, 22 room mansion, I realized that I had accumulated amazing wealth, had multiple cars including a vintage Mercedes, we had the ideal life anyone could ever dream of - but in reality - we had built it on a house of cards. What I mean by that is it was utterly dependent on how hard I worked, and no matter what hourly rate I set, it was still not enough to unchain me from what I had built.

We wanted to travel more. In fact we would go away for months with the kids, but 2 things would happen - one we would end up doing tech support and working just as hard, only from a different location, or we wouldn't and upon our return, the same expenses were there, but the income wasn't.

I had to figure out a way to stop this cycle, because I had changed. I wasn't the eager 19-year old willing to work 20 hours a day. I wanted to reverse that, and work 20 hours a week.

No matter where you are right now, I can guess that at some point you felt this way. Trapped, and asking  yourself "How can I get the life I really want?"  "What are my next steps?" "Where do I find the answers?"

Because that is where I was. All questions, and no answers.... yet.

As I seriously asked myself "How am I going to do that?", an email arrived that invited me to an internet marketing show called the "World Internet Summit."  Despite my schedule, and despite the fact it was only a couple of days away, and would require me cancel and move things, get a ticket to Las Vegas from Toronto, Canada, book a different hotel because the one they were at was full, and rent a car to make that happen - I went for it.  Something told me this was where I was going to get an answer to my question.

That Was Just the Beginning

I was very excited as I drove down the 110-degree strip towards Henderson, a small town outside of Las Vegas where the summit was.  I had done trade shows, and circuits, so thought I would have an idea of what was about to come. I figured that somewhere in there would be an answer to the next step. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see and experience what I did. It was electric. It was mind blowing. This didn't feel of this universe, and not only did I find my next answer, but I found the whole path!

I knew right away I had found it.  The speakers averaged $3,000,000 on autopilot.  Some had earned $10,000,000, some $60,000,000 - NOW THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

These guys had been doing this for 10-years and what it said to me in large capital letters is 
- "What you don't know, you don't know".  I had no idea this world was there, they were making millions, it was real (paypal accounts streamed the images), and that there was a formula - all you had to do was follow it.

  (Here is an interview someone did of me at my very first show, where a whole new world was revealed to me)

I think you can see from what I said in this video, how excited and certain I was.

As I sat on the plane trip home, putting the notes together I had taken, creating a to do list that would never end, streaming with the excitement of a raging river, I used my analytical, accounting, and creative skills to lay out a plan that would maximize what I had just learned.

I jumped in with both feet and no parachute, even though I knew when I got home, my husband/business partner would freak.  Because I knew that if there was a formula, then it would work. Einstein had a formula, Newton had a formula, and Internet Marketers had many, many formulas. 

And these formulas came with guarantees.  What could be better than that?

So What Does That Mean to You?

In simple terms I am just like you. Wife, mom of three kids, wanting a better lifestyle, and more opportunities for my family. Who I am in the internet marketing world, is a whole different story.

I am living proof that anyone can do this. I'm that success story you read about and think "Wow, if she can do it, so can I?" And I hope you are saying that, because what what I did was simple, and was already out there, but it was the the way I combined mindset with practical steps that was the missing ingredient to many of the programs that I encountered... and it set me apart instantly.

Let me take a moment to give you a brief history.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1985 when at the age of  nineteen I graduated from college, and started my first company. During my 23 year history I received Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year nominee, Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year nominee, Software Product called RemoteDesk won a product of the Year Winner award, I'm a Qualified Certified Management Accountant and was the youngest elect to the Provincial board of governor’s. I have even appeared on news, magazines, radio and Report on Business Television for my various escapades. But before you say - there it is, of course she can do it, don't. I'll get to why in a minute.

Then in Sept. 2006, when I was at the end of my entrepreneurial rope, I discovered internet marketing and in under a one-year term I:
Yes, I understand get this benefit Became an international platform speaker and motivator for the world's largest organization, the World Internet Summit, speaking along side some of the greatest internet marketers ever

Yes, I understand get this benefit Became a bestselling author of a book called "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles", and today it already has over 68 positive reviews - a staggering figure. 

Yes, I understand get this benefit Won the 2007 World Internet Mega Summit New Internet Marketing Success of the Year Winner, where not only did that come with amazing bragging rights, but they paid for me to go to Singapore, all expenses, and appear on stage in front of 3400 people

Yes, I understand get this benefit Being called a "Quantum Leap" Expert, which resulted in me creating a 12-step program called "Quantum Leap Thinking" so that others could do what I did.

And when I came into internet marketing, I was surrounded at the internet shows with so many people that had been around for years, but still had not made a dime. And yet, they were still full of optimism, and hope, and were still investing in themselves, and not giving up on their dreams. While at the show they were infused with energy and motivation, but it all seemed to come apart when they went back into the 'real world' and their job, family, and obligations pulled them further away from what they wanted. It was like this vicious tug of war.

So I had to take a look at what allowed me to overcome those same obstacles when I got home, but more importantly, how I could teach you to do the same. After spending almost $85,000 in materials, mentors, books, products and training and making them work, including writing and launching a book that became an Amazon bestseller from start to finish in 58 days, I realized that many people were doing it the hard way, but in many cases, it simply wasn't their fault.

The material was often skewed to one type of person. It was either all technical and you had to have the fortitude of a bloodhound to uncover the jewels, or it was esoteric and feel good without the skills to take your newfound vigor and convert it to cash.

It was then that I knew that if you had a formula, combined with mindset and motivation -

You could do just what I did, because...

"Life is easy when you follow a formula."

Say it with me... (Life is easy when you follow a formula)

I don't just get things, I get things FAST!

Then formulas started to make amazing things happen such as....

Mark Joyner, the "Godfather of Internet Marketing" called to interview me for a product he was releasing on successful bestselling authors.

That was surreal.

Then I started to speak on stage and meet with the top internet marketers of the world.

Mark Victor Hansen

Mike Filsaime

Armand Morin

Mike Stewart

Alan Forest Smith

Tom Hua

Stephen Pierce


... Simon Leung, Sean Roach, Robert Puddy, Robert G. Allen, Richard Paul Evans, Ewen Chia, John Childers, Rick Raddatz, and so many more.

Last year I spoke at the World Internet Summit UK and Australia.

Was invited to speak at World Internet Summit Malaysia and Jakarta.

Spoke at Britpack UK, appeared on stage at Mike Litman's Coach2Success event, World Internet Main Event stage appearance, awarded president's status with Bookwise organization and received this, and another sales award on stage at their very first convention from Robert G. Allen and Richard Paul Evans.

And now you can find out HOW this can be you, and that it doesn't matter what my business background was - because...

The Difference is in the Formula

As a result of my fast rise to notoriety, many ask me, "How did you do it so fast?" 

I spent three months breaking down my patterns, reengineering what I had learned, removing extraneous data that caused confusion, and added success and mindset strategies.

Because you may have been missing out on the easy way to do this, and I’m here to make sure you get the message as a newbie that made it fast, it’s not rocket science. I want you to stop losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars you may not even realize you’re losing out on.

Listening blind at a seminar, buying blind at a seminar, and then not even making what you bought work, is really sad, and costly, and tragic, and I couldn't stand to watch this happen anymore.

So I took everything I had learned from all of the Internet experts out there, and put it in order, in a path, so that you could make it work. 

It was a formula for going from "Wanting to make money on the Internet" to "Making money on the Internet." 

And all I did was lay the path of all the things that already worked, and added the moral support you needed.

Because lucky ones like me made it  because of this powerful combination.


Because Life is Easy When You Follow a Formula

From this discovery, from coaching hundreds of clients last year and seeing what happened when they had just practical training, versus practical training combined with mindset and motivation - I knew what I had to do.

What if you could listen to what you needed to know, watch video lessons while you followed on your laptop, and transferred audios and videos you needed quickly and easily to one device that was pre-loaded with a powerful combination of over 30 of my most powerful motivational and instructional money making strategies?

You could have a formula for changing your life.... fast.

So that is what I did. For my upper level coaching programs I gathered everything, my top selling products, and preloaded it onto a digital player. Reports back were instant as to the impact this was having on people.

Phyllis Briggs of New Zealand with her was ready to give up on her successful site simply because she was overwhelmed by all that she needed to learn still. So she took her Formula-Based Success player out on a walk with her, and selected a random audio, and returned inspired and ready to capitalize on the 3000 subscribers she had gotten over the last few weeks, and make her dreams finally come true.

Brenda Faugere of Australia was the same. Frustrated at the technology issues she kept hitting, and lack of direction, she was on the verge of putting her dreams on hold until she was more 'ready to deal with what needed to be done.' Luckily she grabbed her player, and headed out the door for a walk. By time she had listened to the quantum leap series, she was motivated to put her goals back on top and make it happen.

This motivation though, was only available to those in my top and most expensive coaching programs. So I decided to do an experiment and see how many would recognize this was the missing piece they needed, without it being in a full program. I wanted to give those who could see this an opportunity to grab it and let it serve as a supplemental part to whatever it was you are doing - plus include some of my most exclusive and powerful Quantum Leap Thinking strategies and how-to success formulas and make it available to you.

This is the first time I have ever pulled out the most valuable element and provide what you need in one portable, life inspiring device - at a fraction of the normal price.


What Will Formula-Based Success Do For You? 

Yes, I understand get this benefit Provide you with the Motivation You Need

Yes, I understand get this benefit Give You Skills You Can Earn From

Yes, I understand get this benefit Introduce you to Powerful Formulas

Yes, I understand get this benefit Provide you with a Model that Can Lead to Freedom

Yes, I understand get this benefit Give you the Power to Control Your Future

Yes, I understand get this benefit Show You the Power of You as a Brand

Yes, I understand get this benefit Demonstrate Copywriting from the Heart

Yes, I understand get this benefit Create Confidence and Prove you Deserve it

Yes, I understand get this benefit Create a Mindset that Attracts What You Want



Your Success Starts with Shattering Excuses

This might sound obvious, but knowing it and doing it are 2 separate things.  That is why in everything you do, you need to include success strategies.

You see, there are 4 big excuse sources that suck your dreams away.

1.  Money – Mentors cost a lot, you don't have any money - so you don’t let yourself invest in you

2.  Time – You're carrying a job, and trying to make this work too, family obligations, etc - You've got no time.

3.  Overwhelm – Ready to explode from information overload, frustrated, too hard, You can't do it.

4.  Wrong information, Wrong Order, Wrong Time - You have no idea what you're doing

Have you ever said, felt or heard any of these?

This stuff is real, and it is standing between you and your dreams.  You can invest in all the products you want, but if you don't believe you deserve to be successful, or know how you can become successful, you'll be hit with crap that just keeps stampeding at you like a school yard bully - and you need to get RID OF IT.  You don’t want to spend years and years trying to figure out why you’re not making it.

Because everyone encounters one if not all of the above… The difference is how you deal with them.  Keep your mindset positive and overcome fear by keep taking action.  Motivation helps you to keep doing that.

In this program, you'll get a series of audio products including my best selling "Success Above it All" audio, where I reveal  something from my first company that I started with my college boyfriend. We were engaged, and 2 weeks before the wedding he called it off. Then shortly after I found out he was with someone else, and they were going to have a baby. He married her, and still I worked side by side with him, because I had built this company, watching him with his wife and daughter, while I was still in love with him.
Then I did the unthinkable, and I married the wrong guy. Realizing this, within 8 months I had moved back home to think about what to do next, while he emptied the bank account, the house contents, and filed for divorce, and wanted me to not only pay alimony but he wanted half of my company. While this was going on, my ex fiancé, started the same thing and fought for the other half, while locking me out of the office, cutting my credit cards, and emptying the business bank accounts. I tell you my story in this CD, along with what I did to survive. Plus, what I did when in the middle of writing my now bestselling book my husband’s mother took ill, he left to be with her, and she died days before my book launch.

I could have made excuses for all of it, and in fact, many would have probably said they were justifiable, perhaps even warranted - but when it comes to making an excuse, you’re the only one listening. 

Your dreams are invigorating, energizing, and a life force that can get you up early, keep you up late, and still keep you at full speed and in love with life.

That is the power you need.

Make this a moment that transforms your life. 

Be empowered with quantum leap methods, success strategies, and practical knowledge to fulfill your dreams.

 These People Follow My Strategies...


"Tracy is the #1 millionaire marketing guru of our time"
"You rocked!!!! I was so inspired by Tracy Repchuk at a recent Success Above it All seminar that I ran right out and bought her book, "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles."

Tracy is the #1 millionaire marketing guru of our time. I had to have her book in my resource library. Tracy will take anyone, at whatever level of their expertise and turn them into a marketing machine. If you don't have this book, you must accept your destiny wherever it leads.

With this extraordinary training, you control your entrepreneurial fate. It's that powerful. Thanks Tracy."

Frank Gasiorowski
410-590-0966 Office
775-766-1872 Fax
"Frank is the Nations #1,
90-Days Goals Mentor & Coach."



"I was #1 on Google before the launch!!!!"
"I have used Tracy Repchuk's, The Marketing Makeover Maestro for my product "The Baby Hat Pad" since I first decided to sell on the Internet. 

She stepped me through all of the processes, and I didn't have to do anything except focus on my product.  Whatever I needed the site to do, she made it happen.  And then when I really needed to take it to the next level, Tracy knew exactly what to do. 

She recommended a sales site, with a landing page and autoresponder cycle.  I have started with the sales site and will be getting the other elements completed as soon as possible from her 31-Day plan. 

My product launch will be a huge success, and I am already ranked #1 on Google search because of preliminary work Tracy did to make sure when my product was ready to go, I was already where I needed to be in the search rankings. 

It has been a pleasure working with her, and I will continue to use her amazing services for as long as I am on the Internet.  I would recommend her for anyone that needs to have their web site and product launch needs taken care of with no worries at all, while you focus on making money and more products.  She delivers in abundance, gives me business and life advice for free, and is truly excited for me and wants to do everything in her power to make sure I become the success I am reaching for.  

If you need someone that knows how to create the sales copy you need to get your product launched, look no further than Tracy Repchuk.  She is an artist with her words and a skilled master with her work.

Tracy and this book are the source that will guide you through every step of your Internet journey."

Richard Harrington,

Creator of the Patented Baby Hat Pad



"...finally breakthrough and make their dreams come true..."
"Wow Tracy! You've managed to somehow condense the BEST information about making money on the Internet. And you've put it all into one easy-to-follow manual! This is going to help a LOT of people finally breakthrough and make their dreams come true! HUGE kudos to you, my friend!"

   Jason Oman,

   #1 International Best-Selling Author of 
   "Conversations with Millionaires"


"...I'm impressed with Tracy Repchuk..."
"I had to write and say how impressed I've been with Tracy Repchuk. When I discovered her at the Brit Pack Live seminar as a speaker, I didn't really know what to expect, as I had never really asked for help before, preferring to learn and do everything myself. However, I did know that I was at a point where I should really be looking for something like a mentor.

On your course, you promised to take me from the beginning to launch in 10 weeks, but being as skeptical as I've become nowadays, I thought that I had heard it all before. Imagine my surprise though, when after 8 weeks of intensive butt kicking by yourself, I had actually launched my product! Even more than that, I'd learnt a whole bunch of skills, like how to find a profitable niche and product, how to create my product, the do's and don'ts of product creation and how to build effective landing pages and sales pages.

I could go on and on...but what I'm most impressed with is your unprecedented level of support. I still can't quite believe that you were always there at the end of an email with a helping hand whenever I needed it, but you certainly were and then some. I mean I can't think of any other service I've bought that I've had almost immediate replies, so consistently all through the course.

So from my experience, I definitely would highly recommend your mentorship services to anyone who wants to fast track their way to starting their business on the internet.

Tracy, you rock! :-)"

Debbie Figg

Creator of Quick N Easy Sales Pro Software



"Tracy is incredibly professional, really knows her stuff!"

"Tracy is incredibly professional, really knows her stuff, easy to relate to, very focused, and I really enjoy the coaching sessions.

Tracy's response times are amazing, and she is constantly finding ways to improve what it is she is doing.

The biggest benefit of choosing Tracy is she really holds your hand, she has traveled the path before, and I felt I was being very well guided.  I can ask her anything, I never felt stupid, and she would answer and explain all of my questions.

She answered my emails so quickly, she is very generous with her knowledge, and always provides the next step.

I have already told my friends about Tracy, because she is a "!0".  She understands the industry, she is friendly and approachable, the sessions are business but we always have a laugh as well.

If you're looking for a mentor, it is great to have someone to guide you, you don't feel so isolated and alone, you have deadlines set, but Tracy also works them around my schedule.  As far as getting a mentor, just do it!  If you have a goal you want to go for, get someone

Tracy is so positive, she gets over any problem we encounter without hesitation, the process is so easy, relaxing, she gives great value and is has an abundance mindset and gives out so others can achieve

I am really pleased to have met her, to know her and to work with her."

        Maree Lipschitz    
        "Working Mums Survival Coach."

     Listen to Maree -

Can You Afford Not To Have it All?

Many people spend their whole lives trying to achieve something, and coming up short.

Many people put in huge effort to make their dreams come true, but still they don't happen.

Why is that?

Could it be that skill building, without taking into account the value of mindset building is the critical missing element?

If you survey most successful people, you will discover they have a built-in mindset to success and be motivated. And those that didn't, will tell you that they worked on this aspect just as much as building their skills.

Having one without the other is like trying to be whole, but it's like Yin without Yan.

It's like walking with one foot stable, and one foot in motion. You end up going in circles.

Information will overload you, and you'll drown under it. There will be nothing there to pick you back up, and slowly but surely your dreams will get pushed to the back burner, then will be forgotten completely.

You need a source of motivation, success strategies and how to guidance to keep you moving closer, step by step, towards your dream. 

Here's a Hint at What You'll Get...

You Get 30 of My Best Audios, Videos, and Formulas
Pre-loaded on an MP3/MP4, FM Radio, VIDEO player!

In fact, you'll get more than 30. You'll get everything from the list below, plus anything that wasn't preloaded will simply be on one page where you can drag and drop it to your player, or listen to it immediately until your player arrives.

These audios and videos combine mindset with practical skills and access to additional materials that weren't preloaded that you can simply drag and drop once you receive it.

And they ship on this player which Includes:

* Silicone Case
* Cloth Carrying Case
* Silicone Earbuds (Headphones)
* Travel Charger (Charge on the road)
* USB Cable (Charge via PC and transfer files)

You can even watch a video when you just feel like some downtime.

Holds over 20 hours of video, 500 songs totaling 33 hours of play time

So instead of me shipping you a big box of stuff you'll put on your shelf and forget about, or creating everything in just a download where you'll lose it -

I am providing what you need on this one device that will fit in your pocket.

Your portable office! 

Is that good or great?



Create the most powerful gift imaginable 

Most people get into internet marketing because they are looking for more.

Not more money necessarily, but what that provides. More time with their kids, more time to do what's really important to you, more freedom of choice for how you start and end each day.

Not to mention what you can set up on automatic, and leverage.

Leverage is the ability to get more by doing less.  Less effort for more results.  Isn't that the way life was supposed to be?  Every major invention was created with that purpose in mind.

Just imagine passive income while you're on the beach with your family, or the golf course with your friends.  Having a motivational success tool on hand around the clock, keeping you moving forward 24/7.  And not just random feel good, rah-rah, go get 'em rantings. But specifically created for what you are doing and running into in the field of internet marketing. 

You'll have an element that provides you with a complete foundation from making your first dollar to building an internet marketing empire.


And You Have Nothing To Lose! 

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!
Extra Special GuaranteeYou are only one step away from getting material you need to keep yourself motivated and successful and I  stand behind each and every product and service, and I can guarantee you FULL SATISFACTION when you buy it.

If you're not completely satisfied with what you bought, what I said, or what I delivered, simply send it back in 30 days and I'll give you your money back.  Because I realize no amount of reading about other people's feedback and opinions will convince you as much as having experienced this yourself. That's why I insist that you try for yourself totally risk-free.

The risk is 100% on me!


What Do You Do Next?


Because right Now...
There are Only 15 Available.

That is ALL that was left from my original program, this is an experiment, so I am giving 15 people the unique opportunity to grab content others paid thousands for ....
Plus You'll Get 2 Supporting
"PRIORITY" VIP Download Form
Yes! I want to invest in my own future right now and save myself hours of wasted time and money by combining the power of successful and motivating guidance with practical how-to formulas. 
< /tr>
Yes, I understand get this benefit I understand that my order will be processed on a completely secure server after which I will be sent to a welcome page that will allow me to gain access to bonus products to download and emails will start to arrive instructing me on how to prepare for the introductory teleclass.
I understand the pre-loaded player will be shipped directly to me, and still has tons of room to put more audios and videos so that I can listen to and reference it at my leisure any time. I can also download and store for my own use.

Simply pick your color:
(based on availability - blue, green,
pink, yellow, black, silver)
-- Blows the IPOD away
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Yes, I understand get this benefit

1 hour Content Introduction Tele-class.

This is a tele-class in which I will let you know about the material that is coming, how to attack it, use it, and how to get access to a Formula-Based Success community.  It will be a live video stream where you can send chat messages as well. 
(Value: $497)

Yes, I understand get this benefit

8 JV Coaching Club Audio Sessions

This was a $4400 coaching club where I teach the absolute foundation required to build your internet marketing empire.
(Value: $997)

Yes, I understand get this benefit

JV Coaching Club Audio Session #1

Selecting Your Niche 

Seek your Passion – you want something that will keep you motivated to take through your million dollar design. This is a core focus that allows you provide your unique message. We don’t have to have all the answers yet on how to market your vision, we just need for you to truly acknowledge what yours is.

Yes, I understand get this benefit

JV Coaching Club Audio Session #2

Creating Blogs and Landing Page 

The two most critical starting blocks in internet marketing, and knowing how to do these right can be the difference between money today, and never.

Yes, I understand get this benefit

JV Coaching Club Audio Session #3

Autoresponder - How to and Why

This is the relationship tool and knowing the psychology of how these should look, sound, when they should arrive, which to choose and tips to turn your subscribers into raving purchasers is vital.

Yes, I understand get this benefit

JV Coaching Club Audio Session #4

Creating a Thank-you page and Product Creation

Before you get your product done, you need to start immediately building your list, and that means knowing how to maximize what to do with your new subscriber until you are ready.

Yes, I understand get this benefit

JV Coaching Club Audio Session #5

Sales Page Introduction

Includes the formula, template and how to get a site started the right way, in the right order with the right words so that you turn this page into a cash converting machine.

Yes, I understand get this benefit

JV Coaching Club Audio Session #6

Sales Page Headline and Draft

You have minutes to keep them reading, and the flow of your sales page is a precise sequence taking someone through an emotional roller coaster ride - and you can learn how to do this.

Yes, I understand get this benefit

JV Coaching Club Audio Session #7

Product Review and Bonus Download Page 

Bonus products can make or break an offer - and you need to know where to get them, and how to present them so that you have them begging you to take their money.

Yes, I understand get this benefit

JV Coaching Club Audio Session #8

Articles, Press Releases and Teleseminars

When and why these are a critical aspect to traffic generation and relationship building, and how to optimize these strategies and put yourself on top of the noise.

Landing Page Template

Landing Page - Template

Gives you a fast start with a complete structure in place ready for you to plug-n-play your own elements and copy in. Saves hours of learning and web building/HTML skill requirements.

Includes video

(Value: $297)

Sales Page Template

Sales Page - Template and Sample Structure

A Sales page template with all 15 elements for you to use and work with for your own copy, plus a sample structure check sheet for easy reference and guidance.

(Value: $297)

Tracy Repchuk Personal Zen of Marketing

The New Zen of Marketing

The key to monetizing what you do and what you know is by integrating personal branding to your Internet Marketing strategy. This system is used by actors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and Internet Marketers to create the freedom they desire, and lifestyle they want.

(Value: $47)


Adam Ginsberg Interview

Adam Ginsberg - Interview

Interview with myself and Adam Ginsberg where he talks about his journey and tells you how he became the #1 seller on eBay, claims a Titanium eBay seller status, and has sold over $20,000,000 dollars, averaging over $1,500,000 per month.
(Value: $47)

Yanik Silver Interview

Yanik Silver - Interview

Yanik Silver has been an Internet Marketer since 2000 and has cracked the multiple-stream formula earning himself millions of dollars every year. He talks about his journey, what it takes, and how you can do it too.

(Value: $47)

Jason Oman Interview

Jason Oman - Interview

Jason Oman, #1 International Bestselling author reveals the secrets to his journey, and describes 4 critical components that can turn your book into a bestseller too!

(Value: $47)

Dave Taylor Interview

Dave Taylor - Interview

Dave Taylor was the first to understand and master the power of the Blog, and how you can monetize it, and turn it into a branding strategy that turns your world into a fun-filled money magnet.

(Value: $47)

Success Above It All

Success Above It All - Tracy Repchuk Reveals All

If you've been trying to figure out how to make the latest online trend work, you need to hear this!

If you listen very carefully, I'll tell you how you can "breakthrough" and start on your way into making truly insane profits, whether you are just beginning your online business or are a seasoned veteran who wants to catapult your business to the next level.

(Value: $47)

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Radio personality Penni Wild Interviews Tracy Repchuk on how I launched 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles to bestseller status

This was part of an Interview with an Expert Series.

Similar content to the interview Mark Joyner, the Godfather of Internet Marketing did with me, and charges $495 for.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Radio personality Penni Wild and Tracy Repchuk

Is Perfection Holding You Back?

I had to include this discussion, because I am the get-er-done, think later type, and I encounter so many 'think, think, think' people that get stuck so deep trying to make everything perfect, that they never launch.

Without a product, or a launch, you'll never make the mistakes you need to, in order to make the next one even better!

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Tracy Repchuk Reveals...

This was a broadcast I did about giving thanks and having gratitude. I noticed most highly successful people do this, and here I tell you what I am grateful for, and remind you to do this exercise at least once a year.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Internet Marketing Lifestyle Video Snapshot

Just a fun video reminding people that the effort is worth it. If you keep in mind why you are really doing what you're doing - keeping motivated is easy.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Quantum Leap Thinking Series

Part I: This is a 12-step program of powerful strategies to get what you want faster.

I have been deemed a Quantum Leap Expert because of the speed at which I get what I want. I teach you the strategies I use to accomplish that.

Part II: I reveal the secret to how I catapulted to internet marketing stardom in under a year - with world wide speaking engagements, and a sold out coaching program every month.

(Value: $197)

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Blogging Your Way to Becoming a Brand

The very first thing I did in internet marketing was a blog. Within 2 days I had earned $5497.  Find out how.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Blogging Video

This is a video of me talking about blogs in a presentation. In addition, you will receive camtasia videos stepping you through the basics of blogging, domain name purchase, file transfer uploads, domain pointing, and more.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Mentors, Mindset and the Ability to Get Out of Your Own Way -

Tracy Repchuk talks with Penni Wild about an issue she encounters as a mentor, coach and international speaker and motivator, and that is the consistency on which people continuously manage to act as their own barrier, and provides techniques and tips on how to stay focused and let yourself win!

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Copywriting from the Heart -

Copywriting is a critical part to how you communicate your message, and it can be hard if you don't do it the right way. I talk about copywriting and the various ways you can communicate your message, and the #1 way that message will be effective so that you can build the wealth you are searching for.


Adam Ginsberg Interview

7 Strategies to Shape Your Life 

Everyday the only person that gets in your way is you. I discuss her experience coaching students, attending workshops and shows, and what hanging around with some of the most successful internet marketers in the world will do for you.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

How I Pick a Mentor -

I am constantly being asked what do I look for in a mentor or coaching program, and here I go over some criteria that I use when I pick mine which has lead me to a very successful journey.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

The Product is the Easy Part -

In the internet marketing game I get tons of email saying ".. but I don't have a product" so I want to remove this excuse from your mind chatter, and show you how to get one created in an hour - because that's the easy part.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

How to Evaluate Opportunities using the MoneyTree Concept -

We are going to use MoneyTree as the acrostic for evaluating business opportunities to see if this, or perhaps another business is best for you and your lifestyle. Great tool to help you make decisions that can change your life.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Teleseminar Trade Secrets -

Telseminars are the not so hidden secret to making an easy product, and getting on a fast track to Internet Marketing wealth.  They're easy to do, fun and within an hour you have content that you can create into a product for sale, and you can also strip it apart into bite size chunks for podcast and itunes promotions.  Teleseminar Trade Secrets tells you how.

(Value: $47)


Adam Ginsberg Interview

Cracking the Internet Marketing Code -

Talk about how long gone are the days of a flat corporate website, flashy sites, and a wait and see attitude. It takes a precise strategy to automate sales and generate traffic.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

High Performance Teleseminars -

There is a widely known tool in Internet Marketing called teleseminars, and if you do them right, you can amass a fortune from the comfort of your phone, and accomplish in 90 minutes what it can takes months to produce. Find out how!

Tracy Repchuk Marketing 
									Markeover Maestro

Marketing Makeover Maestro  -

Legendary Copywriter Ray Edwards Interviews Tracy Repchuk who talks about the real statistics of internet marketing, the part copywriting plays to product launches, sales and how you need to approach it. Talk about how long gone are the days of a flat corporate website, flashy sites, and a wait and see attitude. It takes a precise strategy to automate sales and generate traffic.

(Value: $47)


Adam Ginsberg Interview

Goal Setting -

When I returned from Britpack Live UK where I appeared as an International Platform Speaker and what this means to newcomers to the internet, and about my journey to center stage as a presenter!

Adam Ginsberg Interview

The Power of Networking -

Networking is a powerful way to expand your business, grow your network, and build partnerships that make your business prosper. I'll give you the steps and take you through the journey.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

#1 Reason Newbies Fail -

When it comes to the internet, all topics are not created equal. You need to research your niche, and select keywords that support it so that you have a good chance of turning your passion into a money making adventure. Let me tell you how.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Dr. Robin Interviews Tracy Repchuk -

Dr. Robin Rushlo holds 9 degrees, and he interviews me about Network Marketing, and the nature and similarities of making money in this field, versus Internet Marketing.  Since I play both of these games, you may be surprised at the answer.

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Paulie Sabol - interview

Paulie Sabol is a multilpe streams of income advocate, and has made millions in every field he ventures. In this interview Paulie reveals how to maximize affiliate marketing opportunities so that one effort pays many times over.
(value: $47)

Adam Ginsberg Interview

Videos include:

- How to Create an Instant Website
- How to Know What Niche Will Make Money
-  Website basics - FTP, Domain purchases and transfers
- How to Turn your blog into a branding machine
- How to optimize your sites for Google and SEO
- How to get your autoresponder into your website
(value: $77)

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1 Q&A Tele-seminar

You can pre-submit questions and I will answer them on a live webinar based broadcast.

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Yes, I understand get this benefit

Free month in the Internet Marketing Newbie Club

This club gives primary lessons that are great as backup to our live interaction and examples, with additional ebook support, affirmations, and step-by-step for skills you'll need now and in the future.

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30 Minute Interview Product

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Announcement to My Blog Bonus #3

Business Plan with Workbook ($47.00 value)

The Business Plan Workbook consists of 65 jam-packed pages that literally take you by the hand and lead you step by step through the process of creating a realistic roadmap of your business.  

Joint Venture Basics eBook Bonus #4

Joint Venture Basics eBook

Joint ventures are the #1 way to grow your list with quality targeted prospects, while making friends and money.  This eBook tells you what to do before you look for a JV partner, what to do when you have one, and where to find them!

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Conversations with Millionaires Bonus #5

Conversations with Millionaires
(provided by Jason Oman)

In just 3˝ minutes from now you can be on your way to getting every secret squeezed out of all 9 money-making experts!

Finally! 9 Self-Made Millionaires Reveal Every Secret You Need, All In One Place!

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Article Marketing Course Bonus #6

Article Marketing Course!

Discover the incredible article marketing secrets that Cody Moya uses to create five-figure cash profits every month.

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Mini-Site Secrets Revealed Bonus #7

Dan Kelly's Mini-Site Secrets Revealed

This package includes 14 step-by-step videos where Dan walks you through everything you need to know to set up your very own order taking, money making websites.

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AdSense Empire Bonus #8

AdSense Empire

Adsense Empire is your guide to Google Adsense profits so that you can make a fortune online.  This powerful training course contains everything you need to know.

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PLR Secrets Exposed Bonus #9

PLR Secrets Exposed

FINALLY ... Discover the jealously guarded secrets on how to make a fortune from buying and selling private label rights - as used by top internet marketers from around the world!

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Insiders Guide to Selling Books on Amazon Bonus #10

Insiders Guide to Selling Books on Amazon

How YOU Can Set Up and Launch Your Very Own Business On Amazon That Earns You Cash on Demand

24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week!

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Teleseminar Trade Secrets Bonus #11

Teleseminar Trade Secrets!

Discover the way you can set up, and create products or bonus gifts in under one hour, for free.

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Instantly sky rocket your sales and signups with the powerful new ultra track software.

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"JV Club Member - Class #2 ..."


Oh - my - GOD!

This Blogging stuff REALLY works! I can hardly believe it.

I posted to my Blog yesterday (Sunday), pinged it through Ping Goat and Pingmatic and it's been picked up and back-linked by a site:

It looks like it picks up Blog posts about Web 2.0 stuff.

The site is called: Social Networking News for Myspace / Facebook / Etc.

And get this... they've left a comment to their readers to "Read the rest of this great post here [...]

Wow! I'm really excited by this, as it's only my third post and less than 24 hours old!

One of my other posts got a comment as well.

Tracy you are a genius!

Frank Edwards Frank Edwards

"You BLEW my mind, Tracy - it was outstanding..."

"You BLEW my mind, Tracy - WOW!!! Thanks again Tracy for the most thought-provoking and informative Success Above it All teleseminar - it was outstanding!!! I feel so grateful that I 'met' you. I cannot wait for your book! Thanks!

– Julie Henderson, Prosperity Coach

"...An absolute eye-opener."
"An absolute eye-opener. Since starting my own business, time is a much more precious commodity, but the time devoted to the book was exceptionally well spent. It's thought-provoking and relevant to what we all go through, whether self-employed or working for someone else. Tracy has keen insights into the corporate world, and I felt like she was speaking to me personally about my struggles, my success and the juggling we all do. Just get the book: enjoy it, learn from it, and appreciate the guidance in the process. "

Daniel G. Weist, President,

Weist & Associates,
International Marketing Firm (Toronto, Canada)


"...supreme privilege being associated with Tracy..."

"As a 3-Time Limca World-Record Holder, and author of o ver 400 books, it is a supreme privilege being associated with Tracy Repchuk. She puts all apprehensions to celestial rest. Never has anyone so brilliantly patronized and so amazingly crafted an organization; which inspires from all nationalities/countries/fraternities to be a part. It has been an honor and one of my most enriching experiences. "

– Nikhil Parekh (India), Author


"You changed my life" - Bill Burger, Lemont, IL
Thank You - Thank You - Thank You!, May 3, 2007
  William Burger "Bill The Money Pro" (Lemont, Il Usa)

Your book is changing my life. I have stumbled in putting my website together, but your concepts and ideas are life changing.

I have finally found someone who can take me through the hard spots. My struggles with the internet have advanced beyond my greatest imagination.

Again, thank you for making life much simpler.

William Burger
"Bill The Money Pro"
Lemont, Il Usa
William Burger "Bill The Money Pro"


More Kind Words...

Finally the keys to the internet kingdom!

Reviewer: Annie L. "Globetrotting Diva" (United States) - See all my reviews

Tracy, it was an amazing coincidence that I met you by chance at a recent Atlanta seminar and then bought your excellent book, "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles." For two years I had been stymied by what specific steps to take for marketing success and had gotten really confused by the technical aspects of squeeze pages, autoresponders, etc. Thanks so much for providing a concise step-by-step blueprint which, to my knowledge, isn't found in any other book. What a wonderfully helpful book for newbies and internet marketing veterans alike! Thanks 1,000,000!

Ann Lombardi

Incredible Insight!

Reviewer: Mrs. L. J. Knox (England) - See all my reviews  

"The talent of Tracy Repchuk is outstanding, in that she expertly surpasses her knowledge unto other people; information which is credible, marketable and productive. Really super!!"

The MUST-HAVE handbook to today's internet marketing!

Reviewer: T. Tremblett (Vancouver, BC Canada) - See all my reviews

"Tracy has pulled it off - somehow gathered everything I need to know to market successfully on the internet - and packed it in a book crammed with savvy marketing ideas! This is a must-have book if you hope (or dare dream!) of making money online."

Here's to Quantum Leaping Your Success!

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach



  P.S.   Order fast. The first 2 bonuses are first come, first-serve.

  P.P.S You have enormous leverage in your knowledge and I'll motivate you
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